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Zhuzhou: Accelerate the promotion of high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry

On September 3, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yang Weiguo investigated the construction of the new energy vehicle industry chain. He emphasized that it is necessary to accelerate the construction of new energy vehicle industry projects in reverse schedule, continuously improve the industrial chain, enhance product competitiveness, and accelerate the high-quality development of the city's new energy vehicle industry.

The first phase of Hunan Zhidian Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Project has now entered the equipment installation stage, and it is expected that the first batch of new cars will be rolled off the production line by the end of the year. The project mainly produces new energy commercial vehicles, which will further improve the product structure of new energy vehicles in our city. When he came to the construction site of the project, Yang Weiguo checked the progress of the project, understood the key points of the construction in the next stage, asked what difficulties were still in the progress of the project, and assigned questions on the spot. He emphasized that it is necessary to seize the opportunity of electrification of commercial vehicles in the field of urban logistics, reverse the construction period, further accelerate the progress of the project according to the project plan and agreement, and promote the completion and production of the project as scheduled, so as to ensure that the products are rolled off the production line as soon as possible and accelerate the market capture.

With the launch of the "City of BAIC Motors" campaign, the sales of BAIC Zhuzhou base automobile products in Zhuzhou area increased significantly. When he came to BAIC Zhuzhou No. 2 Plant, Yang Weiguo learned about the factory's new product development, production arrangements and market conditions in detail. He said that the BAIC Zhuzhou Base is the city's leading vehicle manufacturer, and it is necessary to pay close attention to market changes, optimize the product structure in a timely manner, and lead and drive the city's auto industry to become bigger and stronger.

The first phase of the Hunan New Energy Vehicle Testing Center project has been completed, which can provide testing and evaluation services for new energy vehicles and key components. When he came here, Yang Weiguo inspected the laboratory of the testing center and listened to the report of the testing center. Knowing that the testing center has continued to grow since it was put into operation, and is preparing to build a national-level new energy vehicle product quality inspection center, Yang Weiguo fully affirmed it and coordinated on-site to solve related problems. He urged the testing center to further accelerate the construction of the second phase of the project, continuously improve the testing capacity, expand the service market, and make more contributions to the development of the new energy vehicle industry in our city.

During the investigation, Yang Weiguo pointed out that Zhuzhou has a solid foundation for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and the construction of new projects, new platforms and new products is accelerating, and the development trend is promising and the future can be expected. It is necessary to reverse the construction period to speed up project construction, continue to extend the new energy vehicle industry chain, and accelerate the improvement of industrial competitiveness. It is necessary to further strengthen technological innovation, optimize product structure and performance in a timely manner, and actively seize a larger market. It is necessary to increase policy support, do everything possible to ensure the stability of the market players, the industrial chain and the supply chain, and accelerate the high-quality development of the city's new energy vehicle industry.

News source: Zhuzhou Daily

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