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M21s Automation Application
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  Product Features:

   · x86 architecture / full touch screen / soft keyboard flexible configuration

   ·EtherCAT/pulse digital interface/analog interface

   · The bus IO board can be expanded to 50 units and supports a maximum of 3200 points of IO

   · Enable 4-channel function

   · The motion control of up to 50 axes meets the requirements of automatic multi-station and multi-action

   · RJ45 interface "one network to bottom", servo/IO/external control unit, same bus configuration , simplifying design and wiring

    · Abundant expansion keys are reserved for customizing different work pages

   · PLC online editing, function improvements and prompts are more convenient

    · Multi-PLC function, easy for customers to switch working status

    · M code quick definition, no need to change PLC to complete the definition function

    · Built-in standard CNC G code function

   ·Open macro function

   Use case:

    · EtherCAT

    · Pulse/Analog Interface Bus IO Expansion

    · Soft Touch

    · G code

    · Quad channel


    · Multiple PLC control

   product model:


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