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Zhejiang Dealour Electric Technology Co., Ltd is a professional national high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development,manufacture and vendition of high-quality automatic control software and series of servo drivers, and also provides friendly service to ourclients. The enterprise, located at Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone of Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province, possesses separate office roomsand production shops, and hires several specializing PhD candidates, and the professional technicians account for 80% of all employees.

The main products-Digital AC Servo Drivers, are mainly applied in the field of numerical control machine tools, manipulators, newenergy vehicles, packing machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, game player, automation product line and etc.

Dealour Electric Technology Co., Ltd which regards scientific development as guidance and specializes in the profession, roots inclients and aims to provide consumers with high-quality products and sincerest service. The constant high quality of our products isguaranteed by advanced processing and inspecting equipments and scrupulous production inspection procedure. Via analyzing the rigid demands in the market, we develop efficient products with immense competitive power, in order to serve ourclients, companions and colleagues, and devote ourselves to automatization-control career. We adhere the management concept of taking people as the foremost and emphasize the importance of constructing our enterpriseculture. Notably, we possess a management team which is innovative, united, well-educated and proficient in managing, and we alsoacquire a sound management system.

Faced with the fourth industrial revolution and the advance of globalization, Dealour Electric Technology Co., Ltd is always on theway to contribute to high-quality automatization and new resources, and we are exceedingly proud of that.


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