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M20e Special plane application
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Product Features:

 · Arm A9 and x86 two architectures based on low power consumption and high performance

· Expansion key reserved, easy to customize different work pages

· Turn on the four-channel function, which is convenient for applications in complex situations

· PLC online editing, function improvements and prompts are more convenient

· Ultra Nano Interpolation Function NIA (Nanometer-scale Interpolation Algorithm) 

· High-speed and high-precision slope conversion(GSG)

· Open CNC interface, M3/EtherCAT/pulse/simulation, suitable for various servo systems at home and abroad

· RJ45 interface "one network to the end", servo/IO/external auxiliary unit, unified bus configuration, simplifying design and wiring

· Program storage space is 3G standard, with dual USB expandable storage

· Built-in servo adjustment/circular adjustment/high-speed tapping, online optimization adjustment function

M code is quickly defined, and the definition function can be completed without changing the PLC

· Built-in standard CNC G-code function

· Open macro function

Use case:


Pulse/analog interface Bus IO expansion

·Custom keys

·G code

·Four channels


·Multiple PLC control

product model:


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