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C8 Series Servo for Precision Cutting Applications
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Product Features:

■ 25-bit resolution

    25-bit resolution 

■ Plastic plug waterproof grade IP67

    Plastic plug IP67

■ hardware current loop

    Hardware current loop

■ Multiple automatic tuning chains 

    Multiple automatic tuning chain 

■ Dual-drive synchronization, 100M transmission

    Dual drive synchronization, 100M/s transmission speed

■ Strong anti-interference, long-distance transmission

    Strong anti-interference, long-distance transmission

■ Real-time communication for improved responsiveness

    Real-time communication to improve response

Use case:

 High-speed feed application of milling center 

    High-speed feed application for Baht Cutting Center 

 Turning Center Highlight Feed Application 

    High smooth feed application for Turning center 

 Transmission applications such as laser/plasma cutting 

    Transmission applications such as Laser/Plasma Cutting 

 Application of woodworking machine solutions 

    Woodworking machine application

Driver name:

XML 地图 | 新葡的京集团350vip8888